Provide More Information to Popularise Your Courses, Colleges Urged

I read a story in one of the dailies headlined, ‘Magoha warns on course duplication’ with interest. More interesting was a reader’s rejoinder the following day saying ‘There are no useless degrees…..”

Education stakeholders are yet to fully understand the place of career guidance and its journey through the life of every individual. Today, if you asked students of careers they know of, they struggle to count to 10, yet colleges and universities offer over 200 courses!

What has lacked is information on the courses which makes students opt for what is familiar. Question to ponder, do colleges and universities provide the necessary information early enough to help students to make informed choices? Experience shows that often choice of courses is restricted to what students have heard, what their parents know, their friends and loads of speculation about careers that may offer them status and money about all the courses!

In my opinion universities have not come to the realization that it’s not like yester years when there were few universities and so they filled their capacity very fast. Besides, students had fewer choices of courses to make from. In an era where there is an explosion of universities globally, our Kenyan universities will either have no students choosing their universities and their courses.

Think of a place in USA!They have over 3000 universities. How do students make choices? As early as 1920’s research findings show that colleges and universities in USA go to the students to explain to them about their courses, what they are all about, their benefits and support services they provide.

They have further invested in marketing of their courses to other countries. What with the international career fairs that clutter the country every year! Kenya is one of the destinations that is popular with UK, Canada, USA, Malaysia. Every January to March these universities camp to look for students and further,they have agents who represent them when they return home. They come with goodies and scholarship to top students. Soon our local universities will start crying foul that these universities are taking their top students!

Provide More Information to Popularise Your Courses, Colleges Urged
Provide More Information to Popularise Your Courses, Colleges Urged

Our universities must wake up and smell the coffee! They must go to the students. They must go where their clients are and not their clients coming to them. In order to have fruitful discussion on the grounds, the universities should invest in equipping the staff who go to schools to be trained on how to create an experience on their courses in the students mind with relevant information. In this way, we can pre-empt and reduce incidences of courses not attracting any applicant.

Also, it’s time to think out of the box! It’s not about the teaching of the course but also strategic linkages with the industry, the employer, looking at the gaps that employers have, reviewing their courses, infusing courses with 21st century trends, placing students and making their transition to the world of smooth!

We are now living in a global economy and we are not only training for the local market but internationally.


How TO Plan A Successful Garage Sale Before Moving

The best piece of advice you have received so far as you prepare to move houses, apart from hiring moving company Portland is organizing a moving sale to raise money from stuff you no longer need. Well, some people might be of the opinion that giving them out as souvenirs is better. You bought them so why not raise money from them? You finally decided that you will go ahead with it, so, how do you organize a successful moving sale? How do you ensure that the event is a success without stressing out? Here are some handy tips;

Set a time and date for the sale

A garage sale over winter is quite the gamble as most people prefer staying indoors to avoid the cold weather. The best time to hold a garage sale is during summer or spring when most people are eager to get out of their homes and would see the activity even without prior notice. Start the event early in the day to allow your buyers enough time to go through your yard looking for items they would need.

Select the items that you want to sell

While this is an optimum opportunity to get rid of items in your home that you no longer use, think of it also as a chance to get rid of old items with the intention of upgrading your new home. Well, it is going to be a lot easier if you involve everyone in the family. Have them bring out stuff they no longer need but are still in good condition. Do not be shy about anything that makes it to this pile because that might be exactly what someone is looking to find in your moving sale before Portland local movers kick into action.

Market the event

You are definitely making some good process and it’s time to let people know of what is coming. A good way to let your neighbors know is of course word of mouth but lots of people do forget. Why not have some creative posters on strategic locations around the neighborhood letting people know what time the sale is starting; when they should come and a list of items they need to look forward to buying. Are you going to be offering refreshments? Let them know this as well!

How TO Plan A Successful Garage Sale Before Moving

Price each item and sort accordingly

It is best to think about the amount of money you will need to ask for each item before the big day arrives. Many of the people who will come expect a great bargain so be ready to offer discounts. If some similar items like toys, cutlery or clothes cost the same, group them together and have people view them as a block.

What about things you do not sell?

Have you thought about where you will take items that do not find buyers on the day of the moving sale? Donate or dump – it is up to you. Portland Movers offers the best and world-class moving services. Get more information for successful garage sale before moving click here.


How Can You Impart Proper Hotel Sales Training For Your Staff?

You should try to identify all those strong points about your hotel that have got the potential for increasing your sales. Then let your staff members know about them through the Hotel Sales Training. Write down all the crucial points stating why the potential customers you have, prefer to visit you over others. This is a very important thing that your staff should know so that they can concentrate on those points and make them better.

You can do this by asking your guests about it as they will be able to give you the most honest reasons. Let them fill up a feedback form at the time they are signing off. Ask them about various important things about your hotel’s hospitality. Based on those points you can understand the level of service you have provided them.

What makes you stand out in the strong competition?

The competition amongst hotels in the same location is literally cut-throat. Nobody is ready to leave a single inch when it comes to attracting guests in their hotels. Therefore, it becomes very important for a hotel to make an effort and stand out in the competition. You should find out why your guests prefer you over your competitors and train your staff accordingly.

There are also many others who visit the hotels of your competitors’. Try to analyze the reasons why they prefer others over you. This will help you find out those fields where you were lacking previously. And this, in turn, will make you improve in those areas so that you can change the game in your hotel’s sales.

Give the utmost importance to the requirements of your customers

How Can You Impart Proper Hotel Sales Training For Your Staff?
How Can You Impart Proper Hotel Sales Training For Your Staff?

Can you sell anything that is not required? Surely not and the same theory is applicable in the case of your hotel also. You can never increase the sales of your hotel without concentrating on the needs of your customers. Bring in all those things that your customers desire. This will attract them towards your hotel and help them have a pleasant stay and they would love to come back again and again.

Chalk out whether there is a need for a conference room in your hotel or a banquet hall. Find out if you need to make some changes in the rooms and add some more accessories in the bathrooms. There are many such points that you should include in the Hotel Sales Training designed for the staff.

Hire a good team that can train your staff

You should get the fact straight that training the staff effectively for increasing hotel sales is not an easy task. You need to hire a team of experts who can get this job done the most appropriate way. The experts know all the tactics that can increase your hotel’s sales as their world revolves around analyzing the pros and cons of various hotels. Therefore they will be able to train your staff perfectly for increasing the sales of your hotel profusely.

Your staff will be trained on how they should take care of the front desk. The team will teach how to receive guests and how to make their stay better in the hotel. They will also chalk out the strengths of your hotel and work on them for enhancing them. Then your staff will be trained properly for increasing their efficiency.

The team of expert will take care of your hotel’s promotion and teach the staff how to plan effective promotional events. It is a proven fact that proper promotion of anything earns more profit. Therefore, if your staff is aware of how to sell your hotel perfectly, then you are surely earning more profit.

These are some very helpful techniques that have been tried out by many big hotels in the world today. Following these, you will surely be able to provide the most effective Hotel Sales Training for the staff. The website MyHospitalitySalesPro also house many such useful tips on how you can train your staff in the most appropriate manner.


Why It Is Ideal To Choose Mystery Shopping Services?

Mystery shopping services are considered to be one of the most prominent means to make your business good to go in the race of competition. There are many of the important benefits that clearly explains why it is necessary to opt for a mystery shopper service company for your business and get the chance to stay ahead in the competition.

For the businesses who are in a plan to go ahead and avail the mystery shopping services, they must know all these prosperous benefits that could be availed with their right choice of selecting the mystery shopping services.

Here Is The List Of Comprehend Advantages:
Monitored Service Performance
With the help of these additional outsourcing of services, you could expect the complete monitoring of the services being offered by your business to online audiences. It has been seen that with the help of the mystery shopping services, you can choose to go ahead and take the sneak peak about how your services are being served and ranked in the market. It is again beneficial in making your business optimised and compatible with the market demands.

Enhances Customer Retention
Now, if you are looking to step ahead in the competition and make sure that you have enough space to get in touch with your potential leads, you must be willingly involved in retaining your loyal customers. This could be done easily by availing the services of mystery shopping in Kolkata. Experts have believed that with the help of association of these services, you could get the better chance to make your business outshine and outgrow in the competition with an easy reach to the relevant audiences and their strong retention in the market.

Ensures Delivery Quality
Again, with the optimization of the services being offered by one of the mystery shopper service company to your business, you could expect the precise and desired delivery of quality of your services. It has been seen that with the help of these renowned mystery shopping services, you can easily expect a perfect delivery of the quality in terms of services and products to your audiences. This is so because these mystery shoppers allow you to have a great quality check on your services that are being served in the market.

Assists Promotional Programme

Why It Is Ideal To Choose Mystery Shopping Services?
Why It Is Ideal To Choose Mystery Shopping Services?

When you are looking forward to promote and brand your services in the market, in front of your online audiences, you have to be very sure about the complete and throughout assistance of your services and programme in the market. To make it possible and feasible for you to get the complete advantage of the same, you could expect choosing the mystery shopping in Kolkata. The trained professionals who would act as mystery shopper would initiate the shopping process and would likely encourage the others to participate in the same and avail the opportunities. This has been one of the greatest advantage where you could easily get benefit with the mystery shopping services.

Ensures Positive Customer Relationships
The moment you are sure about your servings and experiences with your customers, there is no looking back. You can be assure about the chances to stay in touch with your customers for a longer time frame. Keeping it same, you can expect these changes and benefits with the help of mystery shopping services. These services helps in allowing a business to stay connected to its users and get the advantage of establishing the positive customer relationships with them.

Identify With Training Needs And Sales
Now, when you hire the mystery shopping service in kolkata , you get the chance to know and get detail about your flaws and a better understanding of where you need to work upon. This will enlighten the areas and fields where you need to move ahead and take trainings to introduce the new methods of increasing the sales. By this way, you could easily get the chance to focus on your flaws and work upon them and improve them to the earliest. If you are looking to make sure your services are performing well in the market and your success become sure, you need to be double sure about how you upgrade your current processes to perform exceptionally well in front of your audiences.

So, it is an easy process where all you need is to take in consideration about availing the services of experts for your business success. For example, hiring the experts from any of the renowned company that offers mystery shopper in Kolkata, could be an ideal choice where all you have to do is promote your business and its services to a wider channel.

If you are looking forward to take the services from the experts and experience the difference, you can easily keep yourself connected with us.

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