How to Have Fun This Summer and Keep Your Data Safe, Too

How to Have Fun This Summer and Keep Your Data Safe, Too

If you are like me, you can hardly wait for summer here. Summer is a time to hang out, go swimming, hang out with friends and enjoy the weather. For many, it is a time for bachelors, weddings, vacations, family visits, and grilling in the backyard.

We are not likely to take more photos than before and go to places we do not have. And we carry all our portable gadgets, especially our cameras, phones and digital music devices.

Unfortunately, being on the move means that there is a greater likelihood of loss of data on our digital devices. We are often careful not to backup that data or take care of the devices ourselves. Perhaps you had the sad experience of coming back home after a family reunion, a company picnic, or a vacation and discovering that your phone or camera doesn’t make it all the way home with you.

With just a little planning and a few easy methods, you can be certain that your digital memories will be far from summer.

Preserve all those summer memories

Before summer is really here, it is good to review some tips to make sure that all the great memories you make will stay with you for years to come.

Summer data backup tips

Even if your equipment is lost or stolen, what will you be able to do on them to get them back during your trip. Wait until you reach home – does it regularly matter where you are. It is not difficult to ensure that your devices are backed up; You should take just a few minutes to plan about backing up your equipment.

If you don’t have wi-fi

If you do not have Wi-Fi facility, you can take your devices to USB thumb drive and take it with you. If you keep it in luggage, place it in a piece of luggage where you carry your equipment, or give it to a family member to keep in your bag or luggage. To be extra safe, mailing a thumb drive to yourself when you are away from home is easy and inexpensive. Some hotels will do this for you as well.

Water and tech do not mix

I like to live near or in the water, but do you know that water is the most common cause of damage to digital devices? We should be more careful around water, but it is easier for accidents. And in summer they are even more.

Security tips for using Wi-Fi on Go

Public Wi-Fi networks are notorious for places where nefarious people pounce on other computers to steal passwords and access information. You can avoid that possibility by following some easy tips.

If you are a backup computer backup customer, you can rest assured that your backup is encrypted before it is encrypted on your computer, so your backup files do not matter if you send them to our cloud Which network do we use? Other data and credentials on your computing devices may still be at risk, however, the above suggestions should be followed.

Share knowledge about data security

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