Seven Tips on How to Prepare For Your Civil Services Examination

When you are preparing for civil services examination you need to set your goals straight. For that one year, your main area of concentration will be to study hard so that you can clear the exam at the first attempt. There are many aspirants for whom it might be difficult to appear for the exam the second time. Lack of financial resources and the prevailing situation may be some of the causes for this. This made us think and after a lot of brainstorming we thought of highlighting certain tips that can help you prepare well for your civil services exam. Today we are going to discuss the same.

Break down the syllabus into different parts – easy, medium and tough. The portions that fall under the tough segment require more of your time and concentration. The easy subject are the ones over which you have a good hold and the medium ones requires a little bit of work. Your aim should be to give equal attention to all the parts but when it comes to the tough part, you need to revise it more and often.
Fix a timetable. Highlight the times when you will study and when you will give rest to your body and mind. Some of us can stay awake at night and study while others are early risers and can prepare well in the morning. You need to identify which one is you? Schedule your study timings accordingly. Don’t pressurize yourself to study if you find your concentration is wandering off. Take a break and then again get back to study.
Eat proper meals at regular intervals. You cannot study on an empty stomach. You will not be able to concentrate and learn. However don’t eat too much and too often then you will feel sleepy and tired.
Sleep at regular intervals. You need to give your mind the time to rest. Like any other organ in our body, our mind too requires proper rest in order to function properly.

Seven Tips on How to Prepare For Your Civil Services Examination
Seven Tips on How to Prepare For Your Civil Services Examination

Get enrolled in a Civil Services coaching center in Kolkata. The instructor will guide and advice you. They will also assist you in preparing for the exams. If you have any query, do not hesitate to ask them. They are there to help you out.
Ideally, the last three months before the exam should be allotted for revision. Try to stick to this. Finish all your study 3 months before the exam so that you can revise all the papers enough number of times.
Try solving previous years of question papers in these 3 months. Time yourself to see if you are able to complete the exam within the scheduled time. The more you practice the more your confidence level will increase.
Follow the above-mentioned seven simple tips to prepare for your civil service exams. You have to be committed and dedicated in your approach if you want to crack the exam. All the best for your preparation and for your exams, here’s hoping for the best.

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